LAI Partner Program

Want a proven and effective way to stay in front of your customers and prospects?

Would you like to be able to do that every day in a non-invasive way?

The best time to be in front of your customers and prospects is when they’re in the mood to buy. The secret is, how you stay in front of them daily in a non-threatening way.

Our Partner Program allows you to do that … in fact, they’ll thank you for it!

As an LAI Partner you’ll do more business with your clients and turn prospects into clients no matter what industry you’re in. Whether its insurance, real estate, network marketing, or another business, daily exposure will benefit your business.

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How It Works:

  • Become a LAI Partner and you’ll receive special text links you can then send to your customers and prospects so they can subscribe to our Daily Inspirational Messages. As the referring partner, a special code will be embedded in your link that identifies the new subscriber as a referral of yours. You can use these text links even if you don’t have a website. All you need is a list of customers or prospects to email the links to. As you get new customers and prospects make sure you send them the introductory email.
    Note: We have ZERO tolerance for SPAM so don’t do it!
  • If you do have a website, you can also place one of our banners on your site. Your subscriber list will grow to large numbers in no time. There is a special code embedded in the banner identifies new subscribers as a referral of yours.
  • Monday through Friday we send one of our hand selected daily inspirational messages to the subscribers you referred. Think about it, we’re doing all the work sending the messages BUT the message will actually be identified as coming from you.
  • As a LAI Partner, you decide how you want each message to be identified from you. You can choose up to 4 lines, one email address, and one website URL that you would like to have placed at the end of each email. It’s like sending a business card (which you can change at any time) with your information to them each day. Here is an example:
Sent to you as a courtesy of:

XYZ Accountants
We are here for all your accounting needs:
Personal * Business * Audits * Estate
555-555-5555 Phone/555-555-5556 Fax

How much are we charging to do all of this marketing for you? This is LAI, so it’s FREE … zero, zip, nothing. And as always, we promise you that your customers and prospects will receive an ad free daily inspirational message in their inbox.

They win and you win. You just can’t beat that!

Click Here To Become A LAI Partner – Coming Soon

LAI Partner Program Coming Soon

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