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What Does Personal Development Affect?

We may not realize it but Personal Development improves every facet of your life, not just the specific area in which you are trying to improve. Mike explores this in this new short video.
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Business Is Not About the $$$

Mike gets some major misunderstandings out of the way and it might be why money has such a negative connotation. In under 5 minutes you will hear some interesting concepts that you can apply your life not just business. These concepts have the power to change your life today. Let us know how you feel about the content he shares.
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Instantly Change Your Thoughts & Focus

In this video, LAI co-founder Nick Bogatin shares a technique you can use to create any change using your thoughts and focus…in an instant! Powerful concepts to be absorbed. Please share your insights below.
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Missing Ingredient In Goals

If you aren’t achieving all of your goals then you might be missing the KEY ingredient. In this short video Mike explores that KEY ingredient and gives you a useful technique to use. Have a look and let us know your thoughts!
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Working to Learn

LAI co-founder, Mike Bloxton, shares one of the most important things he learned starting out on his path. This single thing made the biggest impact on him being able to live his passion. The key he shares helped him ultimately discover his passion, it could be of great use to you too!
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