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5 Power Tools For VAs From Tony Bodoh

Many VAs have great technical skill, but they lack the business skills necessary to build the thriving company they dream of. These 5 video lessons can change that.
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Blast Fat Fast w/ The Fitness Jeanie®

It’s January and we know that means you are thinking about your fitness goals. Assisting you with those goals is one of our focal points in 2010. We wanted to give you something that would help you get to your desired fitness level.

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Mary Morrissey Interview On Education

We interviewed best selling author Mary Manin Morrissey and discussed self development, ongoing education, the power of asking quality questions, and the current educational system. We discussed what the current educational system is designed to teach, what could be added or changed in that system to enhance its effectiveness, the age at which children should begin their self development journey, and what you can do NOW to assist your loved ones in achieving dreams and goals in this ever chaging world.

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