Outstanding: The Only Way To Be

In this video, LAI co-founder Nick Bogatin explores a simple concept for unlocking our potential on a daily basis and living life in an outstanding way which he found during a recent trip when he met an incredible person.
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The Missing Ingredient In Goals

In this video, Michael shares why simple concepts such as goals, goal setting, and goal achievement are so elusive for so many and what you can do to achieve your goals you set.

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Work To Learn, Not To Earn

Earning money is great but it is only temporary. Earning experience is permanent.

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Relationship Secrets – Top Mistakes

Since it is Valentine’s Day, we figured these videos would be perfect for you all.

In these video, Jack Canfield and Alison Armstrong discuss what women want now, what women do wrong with men, and the top things men are doing wrong with women.

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The Joke In Self Help

For years, comedians have helped themselves to the comedic experiences born from people learning lessons while attempting new things. It’s inevitable that we fail at least once, and sometimes quite a bit more, before we learn all of the lessons we need to be successful in any undertaking. Sometimes those lessons are public and embarrassing but there is a saving grace.

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