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An Important Question On Abundance

Here is the definition of abundance from – Abundance: 1. An extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply 2. Overflowing fullness

If you know what abundance is, it doesn’t take much to learn how to create it in your life.

For us, abundance is in all things. Everything in life exists abundantly. If we are to live in harmony with this abundant world, we must learn to live abundantly.

In order to help you understand abundance and how to harness the abundance all around you, there is a question you want to ask yourself. This is the same question that Albert Einstein once stated when he was asked what the single most important question humanity could answer was. And what was it?
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The Benefit of Daily Inspiration

Each day we all do certain things habitually. The repeated actions eventually create who we are, what our day is like, how much we earn, and virtually every other aspect of our lives. Some of these habits are physical, some are mental, and some are emotional. As humans, our habits vary greatly but we all have them.
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How You Experience Abundance

Let’s try something. Stand up (or at least sit up straight) and take a DEEP breath. As you breathe in so deeply it begins to hurt, allow your chest and stomach to protrude outward . Take in every last breath you can possibly fit. Hold it for 15 seconds to really extract all of the oxygen and then exhale slowly for 7 or 8 seconds.

Now that was a deep breath wasn’t it. You took everything you possibly could take in and yet how much is left around you? Would you agree that there is an abundance of air? Of course you would. This is the way that your life is too and you can live an abundant life!
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